1. Camille von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 06/19/2016
  3. $30,000.00
  4. Trick Trained Super Star!

    Home raised, professionally trained dog with a sweet nature and willingness to please that goes on and on.  Raised in a home with five children, seven dogs and fourteen cats.  They all survived and Camille thrived :)  A loving home is what it takes to raise a loving dog and Camille had the best of the best.  She has 19 videos documenting her development from puppy until now.  The best have the most video and not many have more video than Camille.

She loves to retrieve, loves to swim, hike, bike and travel.  She is also happy to lay about and watch old movies with you if that is what you want.  She is just an easy dog to work and to live with.  Hundreds of hours have been put into her training and development.  Well bred, well raised, well trained and ready to come into your home and add lots and lots of layers of joy, security and fun.  Call us if you think Camille might be the one for you.  502-542-9747 and let Master Trainer David Harris discuss your needs and make sure we are making a good match. 

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Training Videos!!!!

Camille's Training Playlist.  19 videos documenting her training from 13 Wks to 20 Months.  Amazing Dog!!

Playlist Click Here