1. Gusto von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 11/11/2016
  3. 78.0
  4. $75,000.00
  5. Incredible Dog With A Heart Of Gold!
  6. OMG!

    Cream always rises to the top.  And Gusto von Prufenpuden IS the cream of the crop. He is the Proof in the Pudding!  Gusto has many amazing siblings, amazing parents and grand parents too.  When we hit on a breeding that works, we tend to repeat that success.  And this breeding has been wildly successful by any measure you want to use.  Correct size, health, trainability and temperament.  We simply LOVE this breeding and this dog. 

Gusto was home raised on a horse farm by a horse woman.  Over 20 videos document his super upbringing and development from seven weeks of age until now.  This is the idea we had in mind when we created the SUPER DOG program.  He is young, healthy, fit and fabulous.  Many, many years lay ahead of this young fellow and that is a huge benefits of his early development and training.  Cost to value has to take into consideration age and he is young.  Many more days ahead for your and him to enjoy together.  Give us a call and let us interview you.  We know this dog.  Now we need to know you before we can say if this is the match of a lifetime.  If you can afford the best then look no further.  502-542-9747

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Training Videos!!!!

Gusto has over 20 videos documenting his development from 7 Wks to now.  Check out his massive playlist and see what it takes to raise an Elite Super Dog.  Other companines talk about their dogs, we document.

Playlist von Prufenpuden