1. Qweri von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 11/30/2017
  3. $13,500.00
  4. Stunning Looks! A Beautiful Mind! Talented Body!

    Wow!  Just take a hard look at this girl.  Lots and lots of work goes into breeding, raising, health testing, training and titling dogs but when done properly the results are amazing.  We raised Qweri's mother (Raven) from a baby.  She was hand picked from an elite breeding program just for this purpose.  We tolled over her, we loved her, trained her, titled her and health tested her.  Then we matched her with the best bloodlines we could get our hands on, bred her and waited.  When the Q's puppies arrived and we knew we had struck GOLD!

Right from the very beginning we knew we had something special.  We had Giant Schnauzer puppies with the proper combination of temperament, looks, drive and brains for training that we have been dreaming about for years.  Qweri is one of a litter of elite puppies we have had the pleasure of raising and developing and now here is YOUR chance to get in early, lock in the price, and let us custom raise and train her for you and your family.  Don't pass this one up.  As you can see Giant Schnauzers are hard to come by and sell quickly.  This is your chance to get the dog you have always wanted.  For sale with a minimum (6) months of additional training.  More is better, but you will decide how far we take her training past the end of your contract.  She will not be sold with less training so please do not ask.  She is worth the effort, worth the training and worth the commitment to excellence.  Check out her training videos and know that this is a classy puppy with all the attributes to go far. Watch our educational videos and learn.  Call David and ask questions.  Her she is, the ball is now in your court.  Call now.  502-542-9747

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