1. Rae von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 12/25/2017
  3. $17,500.00
  4. Christmas BABY!

    Born on Christmas Day, Rae is the gift that just keeps on giving.  It's like a present that you give to yourself and will love you everday and be twice as sweet on Chrismas Day for years to come. We are proud to offer this super nice female Doberman puppy as a "Build A Beast" candidate.  Buy her now, lock in the price and let us develop her for you.  It's easy to compare the savings of this amazing program when you look at our long track record.  We have developed many amazing Dobermans over the years and this gal will be no exception.  She has everything we need to develop a superstar.  Take a look at Finn von Prufenpuden for an example of where this gal is headed with the type of training we have to offer.   FINN VON PRUFENPUDEN

Rae has the breeding, temperament, early puppy life and a wonderful foster home to ensure this success under our tutelage.  Expect good things from this gal.  Take her now as she is or let us develop her to her full potential. Your call. Additional training is billed monthly at the rate of $2500/month for the BAB and $3000/month for the  SUPER DOG PROGRAM.

Results matter and you can see hundreds of video of our Doberman in development on our Youtube Channel.  And take a quick look at the end of 10 months of Super Dog training with one of Rae's older brothers Flex: Click Here

Call for details about this super puppy and see if she is the right fit for you and your family.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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