1. Striker von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 12/30/2017
  3. $35,500.00
  4. Unique Powerhouse Teddy Bear

    Striker is a working line German Shepherd with a unique coat to our bloodline. Most of our Prufenpuden German Shepherds have stock coats, but from time to time we get a pup with a heavier coat.  A full or plush coat.  Striker is a very handsome dog with a dark coat.  His training and temperament are at the top of his class.  His entire litter is chock full of super dogs and Striker plays second to none.  He is a happy, outgoing, smart, confident puppy that is driven to work. He really is Super Dog Material

Take a long look at his extensive video library and see the possibilities for development this young guy has.  At every stage of his development when we have pushed he has stepped up and moved forward, never backwards with his training.  He is sweet, happy, willing and TOUGH!  We like everything about his guy and know that the perfect home is just waiting out there for this special guy.  With additional training this could be the perfect dog for you and your family.  With his well rounded early training the sky is the limit for this guy.  Call us know and let us discuss your needs and see how we can customize his training to fit your goals and needs.  $2,500/month for additional training.  LOCK IN his price now and let us train him for you.  Save money and get exactly the dog of your dreams.  Call David at 502-542-9747 or email at dogmailcsu@aol.com to get the ball rolling before the price goes up.

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