1. Ursa von Prufen (Sold) In less than 24 Hrs
  2. 05/28/2018
  3. $6,500.00
  4. Trained Puppy For Sale

    Ursa has been in our care and under development in our training system since she was six weeks old.  A well bred puppy from working European bloodlines.  Watch her training videos and see her willing nature, sweet attitude and desire to learn and please.  All traits of a dog that will mature into a fine companion and protector.

You can take Ursa as she is now, with the training she has now OR....you can leave her in our care and development for as long as you wish.  The sky is the limit with this young girl.  She has the brains, looks and drive to become the dog of your dreams.  The critical early training and development is done.  The foundation is build off of superior genetics,  early socialization and handling.  Where do we go now with Ursa's development?  That is up to you.  Learn more about the BAB program by clicking HERE.   Watch a video on the BAB program by clicking HERE.  Learn more about length of stay and levels of training to suit your needs by clicking HERE.   To ask questions about Ursa and learn more pick up the phone and call David at 502-542-9747

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