1. Vision von Prufenpuden (Sold) We'll Make More
  2. 06/14/2018
  3. $9,500.00
  4. Fruition Has It's Rewards

    Well over thirty years ago I started a breeding program for German Shepherds.  That program has had many, many successes over the years and this year we have started a new chapter in the program with another generation of Prufenpuden German Shepherds.  The "V" Litter are Zosyn von Prufenpudens first littter and WOW have we hit the lottery.  This puppy, Vision von Prufenpuden, is indeed the fruition on my vision of the type of German Shepherd I have always wanted to produce.

NOTICE: This puppy is ONLY for sale to those that understand the finest things is life are worth the wait and the cost.  She is not for sale "As Is".  She is only for sale to someone that understands her value and is willing to commit to her further development by our amazing training staff.  She is in the finest of foster homes, living with children, traveling everyday to work, going out with the children on activities and becoming the type of "Real" family protection dogs that other companies can only dream about producing.  Vision von Prufenpuden has no limits and will not be sold with less than eight months of additional training inside of our "Super Dog" program.  Pay for her now, lock in the price, and let us customize the training and develop her for your family.  $3000/month Contact Master Training & Breeder David Harris for details on how you can get in on a puppy like Vision.  502-542-9747

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