1. Violet von Prufenuden (Sold Fast!)
  2. 06/14/2018
  3. $8,500.00
  4. Family Raised Protection Dog

    How do you raise a family protection dog?  First you have to start with proper genetics because Genetics Matters. And then you have to put that puppy into a loving home with a real family, that do real family stuff with the puppy.  Going to the park, out of adventures with the kids and just being a part of that family.  And that is exactly what we have done with Violet.  At Protection Dog Sales we have an extensive network of foster homes that assist us in raising the finest "Home Raised" personal protection dogs in the world.

You can see in pictures and video (The Proof Is In The Pudding) that Violet is in a loving home, with talented foster parents and wonderful children.  Her character is being build right along with the children as they Home School.  All of this wonderful home life is augmented with the finest professional training there is.  We have three decades of experience breeding, raising, developing and training protection dogs for families, just like yours, all over the world.  Currently we have PDS dogs in twelve countries around the globe and every state in the Union.  Will your home be next to benefit from our hard work and skills?  Are you ready to invest in home raised, professionally trained dog?  If so, give Jedi Master Trainer "David Harris"  a call and let him guide you though the process.  502-542-9747

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