1. Midas von Prufenpuden
  2. 06/20/2017
  3. $75,000.00
  4. Amazing Doberman From Amazing Parents. Genetics Matters.

    If you want the best and can afford what you want, then Midas von Prufenpuden is your dog.  A confluence of events have to come together for a dog like Midas to emerge.  1) Great Genetics.  Titled parents that are fully health tested.  2) Happy Puppy Life.  3) Superior Home Life 4) Amazing Foster Family 5) Professional Training with a staff of dedicated individuals that all know their job well.  6) Luck.  Not every dog turns out like Midas regardless of the time, expense and effort to make them.  I won't say we got lucky since we put so much work into his breeding, training and development, but I will say that whoever buys this dog will count themselves lucky to have the chance to own such an amazing young dog. 

And speaking of young.  Look at the DOB again.  This dog is amazingly advanced for his age. How does that benefit you?  Years of working life ahead for you to enjoy and benefit from.  A cost to benefit ratio way in your favor.   Midas is ready to come to your home and make an immediate positive impact or we can move him forward with fully customized training to suit your exact needs.  Call us and let's discuss your needs and see if Midas is the one for you.  502-542-9747

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Training Video Playlist

Midas has been in training and development since he was weaned.  Click on his playlist of videos to watch them all from baby to current day.

Click Here To Watch Midas Grow Up