1. Maya von Prufen CGCA
  2. 11/23/2017
  3. $45,500.00
  4. Thankfully We Are Making More Like This.

    Every now and again a puppy pops out and just grabs our attention and that would be Maya von Prufen.  Special just doesn't even come close to describing this once in a lifetime Doberman.  She is kind, calm, sweet, fun, happy, willingly obedient and naturally protective of her family.  Literally hundreds of hours have gone into her upbringing and it shows in the impressive video library.  You will not find better and you will not find a dog with more "Documented" development videos. 

Do yourself a favor and watch those videos.  She has been home raised since weaning, travels wonderfully and loves being part of the family.  Hiking, biking, boating or just laying about the house watching old movies, Maya just wants to be with you.  She is a confident dog and you will just "Feel" that when you are around her.  She exudes sweetness, calmness and confidence in everything that she does.  If I sound like I am bragging it is because I am.  I could not be more proud of what the PDS team has produced in this young girl.  If you are looking for the best and can afford what you want then give us a call and lets talk about Maya.  Call now because one of two things will be happening fast. One is that she will sell and you will have missed out on something special or her price is going to take a dramatic jump.  She has $100,000 potential and we are working hard to make that potential become reality.  So jump in now or miss out.  Ask for David 502-542-9747

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