1. Zach von Prufenpuden
  2. 04/16/2016
  3. 65.5
  4. $75,500.00
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    Do you want a loyal dog?  Do you want a beautiful dog?  Do you want a super trained dog with fun, cool tricks?  Do you want a power-house protection dog that is safe and obedient under distraction? Great with young children? If you answered yes to any or ALL of these questions then Zach von Prufenpuden is the dog of your dreams.  

Zach has the Genetics That Matter!  He is a super dog, bred from the best of the best dogs that our Prufenpuden bloodlines have to offer.  A member of the famous "Z" litter pack this boy is no one off.  He is an exceptional dog from an exceptional litter.  He is that once in a lifetime dog that can play with the kids, go for a walk with the wife, wear your arm out playing Frisbee AND keep the bad guys at bay deep into the night with his ever vigilant nature.  Zach isn't playing protection dog.  He IS an elite level protection dog with the brains, body, athletic nature, training and preparedness to ward you and your family when all else fails.  If you are looking for the best and can afford what you want, look no further.  Just call and talk with David Harris to find out if Zach is indeed the right dog for your situation.  He knows such things.  Call now.  502-542-9747

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How to you build a super dog?  You start with superior genetics. Zach is 5th Generation Prufenpuden Bloodlines and it shows in his exceptional training and development.  No company comes close to providing the "Proof" of the hundreds of hours of training and love it takes to produce such a dog as Zach.  Enjoy the journey.  We did.