1. Titan von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 12/11/2015
  3. $15,000.00
  4. Our Loss, Your Gain

    Titan injured his tail and had to have it docked.  He is now nicknamed "Bob" but that doesn't seem to dampen this deep love of life and his indomitable spirit for work and play.  This is a very good boy to consider.  He was raised in a busy home with lots and lots of kids to keep him company and challenge his patience.  He has learned his job well and takes protecting his family seriously. 

Bob, ummm, I mean Titan has great manners in the home, loves to get out and about and gets along well with all types of critters.  He is obedient, protective and fun.  If you want a buddy to go out and about with he can fill that bill.  If you want to fling a ball for a dog this is your guy.  He is a quick study and learns the rules and regulations of a new household quick.  In short he is smart and versatile.  Give this boy a try.  He may be short one tail, but he is long on talent and character.  Call David to discuss your needs and see if Titan is the right choice for you.  502-542-9747

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Training Videos!!!!

Bred, raised and trained by PDS, Titan has the temperment, development, life experience and training to fill an void in many people's lives.  Watch his playlist of videos and see him mature from 7 Weeks old to over 2 Yr's of age.  We know this dog, now you get to SEE him grow up in video.