1. Thor von Prufenpuden "SOLD"
  2. 12/11/2015
  3. 75.0
  4. $35,000.00
  5. IT'S TIME!

    Thor has been in training his entire life to ensure he has the life experience and education to come to your home and add a layer of love and security to your life and those around you.  His genetics are well known to us, his loving foster family full of busy children did their part to help him learn about life with humans, and our powerful team of professional trainers completed the team of wonderful individuals that all played a vital role in Thor's development.

He is a mature, steady, adult dog full of fun, tricks, stellar obedience and solid naturally protective skills.  He is sure to add many years of love and joy to any home that he joins.  Be sure to watch his videos and SEE him grow up under our care and guidance.  Like all Prufenpuden bred, raised and trained dogs he is well known to us.  We have watched him grow and we have lived with him.  Call us now and let us talk to you about YOUR needs to see if Thor is a good match.  We know these things.  It's what we do :)  Call 502-542-9747 and ask for David

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Thor Training Videos Here

Thor grew up in a busy family with young children.  Activities galore have prepared him to add value to anyones life.  What him grow and mature in video.