1. Edge von Prufen
  2. 08/10/2016
  3. 70.0
  4. $45,000.00
  5. Wonderful Temperment/Powerful Protection

    Edge has one goal in life.  To be happy.  What makes Edge happy?  Making you happy.  To say that he loves people would be a huge understatement.  He LOVES people. He is goo goo for kids.  He is sweet, kind and gentle.  Unless you are a bad guy of course and then that switch flips and he loves make bad guys unhappy :)  This boy has it all.  Fun, goofy, happy, obedient, protective and just a joy to live with.

He has accurate, reliable obedience, excellent in public and is a first class travel companion.  He has a strong mind and a willing attitude.  He tolerates cats, but I would not call him a cat lover.  Cat fascinated is a better word.  Easily managed if you have cats, but....  Great with all the farm animals and LOVES to run.  Athletic, agile and quick.  He is a fun dog, your friends and family will love him and he will love them, but he will alert you quick and decisively if there is a stranger around.  This boy sleeps with one eye open and never fails in his A #1 job as protector and chief.  Give us a call and we will answer all your questions about Edge.  He is well bred out of the best Euro bloodlines and we trained him from a baby to be all that he can be.  502-542--9747 and ask for David

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