1. Wynie von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/11/2018
  3. 65.5
  4. $80,000.00
  6. You missed out on this one, but we are actively making more.  Check out the BAB & Super Dog programs now before it's to late.

    OMG! What A Beauty!

    Wynie sells herself.  What do I need to say that you do not already know from watching her siblings from previous litters?  She, like those siblings that went before her, is a beautiful, well bred, well raised, super dog. Raised by Master Trainer Paula Harris with love and dedication. Wynie is an amazing dog and that is why we all love her!  The whole litter was stacked full of super dogs, but this gal just has that something extra that makes her stand out in a crowded field of super dogs. 

Her genetic history is rich and deep.  Wynie has one buring desire in life and that is to be with her owner.  She is very affectionate and a fun, happy dog that wants to please her family. Check out her mother at nine years of age and learn that her grandmothers lived well into their teens.  Wynie is all working lines from Europe and has no genetic history of medical flaws.  Her mother and father have been extensively tested and retested for all known genetic issues that are known to the breed. Her sire is ten years old and recently "Longevity" Certified. Have a look at her mom.  Vegas. 

You won't be disappointed.  Call David @ 502-542-9747 and lets see if Wynie checks all the boxes for you and your family. 

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