1. Patton von Prufenpuden PD2
  2. 10/14/2017
  3. 73.5
  4. $80,000.00
  5. Is he perfect? He just might be. Give this guy a very, very close look. He's special and stands out in a crowd.
  6. Rare Beauty Inside & Out

    From time to time we have a dog that personifies what we hope all dogs will be like, but few are.  Patton has a big name and he has had the good fortune to live up that name in every single way.  He is stunningly beautiful and a head turner in every crowd he mingles in.  He is sweet, kind, quick to learn and adapt and like his name implies a fierce warrior with a the heart of a lion. 

It takes a village to raise a dog like Patton and no stone have been left unturned in his development.  We isolated Patton as a "SUPER DOG" early in his life.  So, we though the extra resources into his development that he needed and deserved.  His early life with our dedicated staff got him off to the best of starts and then he went directly into a wonderful home with a super talented "Foster Mom" with years and years of experience to help guide his early training and development.  Thanks to her he is wonderful in all life situations.  Travels great, is great in public and is a friend to all types of animals he meets along the way.  And children are the love of his life.  He has never met a child he didn't love.  This boy is all set to bring a new level of joy, love, companionship, fun and security into whatever families that is lucky enough to have him join their family.  Call Master Trainer David Harris NOW to get the scoop on Patton.  502-542-9747

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Look down below to see the links to Patton's very, very impressive list of videos.  We pride ourselves in showing the PROOF in the pudding.  Other companies talk about their dogs, but only PDS shows you unedited video of their dogs in development from a very young age to their current level of training.  Watch and enjoy Patton growing up under expert care and training. 

22 Videos showing him from 7 weeks to now.  WOW!