1. Briar von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 11/25/2018
  3. 35.0
  4. $8,500.00
  5. Staying for long term training. Great idea!

    You have been watching and waiting.  What are you waiting for?  Our breeding program is provenOur training is proven.  No one in this industry even comes close to the "Proof In The Pudding" that consistently shows in our Prufenpuden bloodlines.  Now we have more proof in the form of this amazing young GSD female from a "Proven" repeat breeding.  Briar von Prufenpuden is all that and a bag of chips.  She is sweet, smart, beautiful and tough!

She is in the finest of foster homes getting the love and attention that all young dogs deserve and need to thrive. She is good with children, small dogs and "Other" pets such as cats and farm animals.  She travels well, loves to train and is a fun, happy, sweet natured dog with the temperament and drive to mature to be a "REAL" protection dog, but yet safe, fun and friendly.  Protection Dog Sale is the world leader in the breeding, development and training of PPD's.  Let us raise Briar for you.  Buy her now, lock in the price and let us do the work.  Pay by the month for her additional training and development and get the full customization that you want and control the budget at the same time.  Six months minimum contract at $2,500/month for further training and development required.  Call David for details and to discuss if the is the right dog for your situation.  502-542-9747 

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Training Videos!!!!

This is a repeat breeding.  Do you want to see into the future for Briar?  Then just look at her sister from a previous breeding.