1. Samoa von Prufen (SOLD)
  2. 11/28/2018
  3. 65.0
  4. $15,500.00
  5. How did you miss out on this one? Lucky dog is staying for advanced training.
  6. Non Shedding/Naturally Protective

    He won't last long.  Call NOW! (Opps, you missed out.  You cannot say I didn't warn you.)

    Super sweet, well bred, well raised on our system, happy, obedient and willing to please.  Samoa, that's right, named after a Girl Scout cookie, is really something special.  Unique and full of possiblity.  They sky is the limit for Samoa.  He has a great attitude, great genetics and has had the best of the best in early training and development. 

His obedience (watch those videos) is ahead of schedule for his age.  He travels well, crates well, and loves life.  He is a fun dog and you can either take him as he is now or leave him in our amazing system to receive specialized training to suit your needs.  He is currently in a wonderful foster home learning about kids, cats, grumpy old dogs and living a busy life. Learn more about our foster/puppy raiser system by clicking HERE

Contact Master Training David Harris at 502-542-9747 to discuss if Samoa is the right fit for your situation. 

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