1. Creed von Prufenpuden (Sold Quick)
  2. 06/19/2016
  3. 65.0
  4. $15,000.00
  5. Made a family happy, safe and loved.
  6. He's An OLD Soul

    Creed is named after a fighter and he certaining has lived up to his name when it comes to protecting his family and flock.  But, he is happiest when just hanging out with his family, going for walks and playing ball.  He doesn't have a big need for a super high energy lifestyle.  Great with other dogs and pets.  Travels well and has great house manners. 

At this age the wonderful thing is what you SEE is what you GET and Creed has a lot of training and development for you to see what he is. Be sure to watch is training videos. We know this dog and have lived with him his entire life.  We trained his siblings and his parents.  So, when we say we know him we mean we REALLY, REALLY know him.  Give us a call and we will chat with you about your needs, lifestyle and wants in a dog and let us see if this dog is the right choice to fill that void.  Give us a call at 502-542-9747 and ask for David.  He knows :)

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Creed Training & Development Videos

Look the the playlist listed below to see over two years of training and development going into Creed. Home raised his entire life this boy has seen some wonderful homes and had a great life.  Fully tested and proofed.  Watch his video and then give us a call and lets see if he is right for you.