1. Chase von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 01/01/2019
  3. 45.0
  4. $9,500.00
  5. Staying for additional training. And THAT is how it's done :)
  6. YOU MISSED OUT!  Good News?

    New litter coming 7/29/19

    Ground Floor Opportunity

    Genetics matters and this beautiful boy has great genes.  A Raven son and brother to our famous "Q" litter of 2017. Chase has all the parts and pieces to make a super companion dog and home protector.  We are very excited to watch him grow, take on new challenges and over come them one by one.  He has had a wonderful puppyhood living with a great family and it shows.  He is sweet, loving, trusting dog that is very willing to please and always gives his best effort. (Learn More About Our Elite Breeding Program Here)

He has had all the benefits a dog can hope for.   A wonderful home life with a real family and a full time professional training staff to guide his development.  Chase loves kids, other pets and is a traveling fool and is always happy to hop in the car for a road trip.  Quite and clean natured he is a very easy dog to manage and care for.   We expect great things from him as he matures.   You can buy Chase now as he is or you can leave him for additional training and development, fully customized to suit your needs.  The BAB program is $2,500/month and is paid for by the month.  Learn more bout the BAB here: PDS BAB PROGRAM Be sure to watch his latest training video update and then call us to see if Chase is the dream dog you have been chasing after.  David Harris 502-542-9747

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