1. Jade von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 04/25/2018
  3. 65.0
  4. $14,500.00
  5. Living the life in Oklahoma.
  6. Kind Loyal Powerful

    Jade lives up to her name and her pedigree.  Early training and development have harnessed the drive and energy this gal has into something turly lovely to watch.  A steady, willing worker that is a fun dog to be around.  Watch Her Development Videos "Click Here" and see the time, effort, love and expertise put into the breeding, development and training of this super young girl. 

And because Jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy.  Our German Shepherd version of Jade will warm your heart, protection your hearth and let you sleep better at night so you can have the energy to take on the days task.   Give us a call at 502-542-9747 and lets discuss your needs and see if litte Miss Jade von Prufenpuden is the one you have been waiting for.  She is a JEM!

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