1. Nyra von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/02/2017
  3. 70.0
  4. $35,000.00
  5. Old Soul & Heart define this girl. Kind, sweet and willing. Read more and don't look her over.

    Nyra has an old soul, the heart of a Lion and the character of a Super Star.  She is kind, willing to please, ever vigilant, naturally protective and a willing to please friend the likes of which will never let you down.  This dog has heart and the nature of a dog much, much older than her time here on earth should allow.  We simply love her and you will too.

This dog has it all.  Great genetics, a super family history, early training and development and the training to take full advantage of her super nature.  Having lived in a family her entire life, she is prepared, ready and looking forward to joining her forever home with you and your family.  Please take the time to watch her videos.  She has been training and preparing since weaning.  The "PROOF IS IN THE VIDEO" and she and WE have done the work to ensure a smooth transition from our home to your's.  Trust us.  We are good at this.  She is ready.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris to discuss your needs now.  Why wait?  Learn about your options and our system.  Call NOW: 502-542-9747   Nyra is waiting for you to call. 

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