1. Holly von Prufenpuden CGCA/U
  2. 12/15/2016
  3. 67.0
  4. $49,500.00
  5. Wonderful Temperment/Powerful Protection

    (Special Offer!!! Free Delivery & Training Anywhere within the US of A)

    No stone has been left unturned in the development of this beautiful animal.  Genetics Matters and this gal has it in spades.  Early development and training???  Yep.  It matters and her videos show her wide, deep and varied early home life with children and other pets being a big part of her daily life growing up.  Professional training and development?  You can bet your life on it.  This gal has been in the work and it shows. 

Obedience, tricks, manners, agility, fun, life skills, companionship and naturally confident, hard genetic fighting skills are all in play with this beautiful girl.  She has it all and offers a lot to anyone lucky enough to be able to add this loving companion to their family.  Holly is a true joy and a blessing to be around.  Please watch her videos.  No other company even bothers to show their dogs growing up.  We work hard and we bother to show you the "PROOF" in the work and development of our dogs.  We bred, raised and trained this dog just for you and your family.  We have done the work.  Will you make the call and learn more to see if this is the right dog to fit your lifestyle?  Ask for David when you call.  502-542-9747

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Development & Training Videos "LOOK"

The best dogs have the most videos.  Why?  Beause they are fun to work with and are always prepared to show off their skills.  Holly is no expection.  She has extensive training and development videos showing her from a wee puppy to now.  Amazing "PROOF IN THE PUDDING".  Other companies cannnot even talk a good game since they know almost nothing of their imported dogs.  We bred and raise these beautities and know them inside and out.

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And now you can sit back with some popcorn and a cool drink and watch them all if you want.  24 Videos from puppy to adulthood.  Impressive.