1. Ivy von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/01/2017
  3. 66.5
  4. $45,500.00
  5. You missed out on another good one. Great Tennessee Home For Ivy
  6. Beauty Is As Beauty Does & "Ivy" Does It All!!!

    It is a beautiful thing to have a beautiful dog and it's even more beautiful to have a dog that works beautifully.  Put those two things together in the same dog and you have Ivy von Prufenpuden.  AKC Trained and Titled she is sure to please.  Starting very early in life Ivy showed herself to be an excellent student.  She has an extensive training playlist starting at 9 weeks of age and showing her training and development to (2) Years of age.  This gal has it all.  Looks, development, training, character and powerful temperament to care for those family members in her care.

Be sure to watch her extensive training playlist of videos and "Listen" to what we have to say about her.  It was clear early in her development that she was special and that has just became more and more obvious as she has matured into a super star working dog with amazing life experience and skills.  She loves to go, stay, hike, bike or play.  It is her nature to please and she has the temperament and skills to do just that.  Safe, happy and fun but do not discount her protective skills.  This gal can get the job done.  Watch those videos and see the PROOF IN HER PUDDING :)  LOL  She can fly!  We love this gal and you will too.  The full package and ready to come to your home, add value and an extra layer of security to your home.  Call David for details.  Call now.  502-542-9747

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Rock Star Development Videos! LOOK!!

From an early age Ivy was fun, happy and willing to make video and it shows in her extensive video playlist.  From baby puppy to mature young adult this playlist shows the making of a super star.  Other companies talk about development and we show you the development from start to finish.  We know our dogs and we can help you know them too.  Watch and ask questions. 

Most Recent Video:  Super Obedience/Tricks/Fun

Powerful Protection: Super Protection Development