1. Hayden von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 12/15/2016
  3. $36,500.00
  4. Beautiful Bombshell Bargain!!

    Opportunity knocks.  Are you ready to open the doggie door and walk in?  Take a quick, quick, hard look at this dog, "Hayden von Prufenpuden CGCA/U".  Her AKC Obedience Titles are work the price of this dog not to mention the two years of wonderful training and development we have invested in this beautiful girl.  She really is a Good Canine Citizen in reality as well as in name and title.  Advanced and Urban training as well rounds out this mature, capable German Shepherd with wonderful bloodlines and history to back up her development. 

Hayden has had a full, rich life having grown up in a very busy home with children of all ages, pets of all types and a very busy social life with a homeschool family.  As you will see by watching her video playlist she has been in development and training her entire life.  We had the added benifit of training 100% of her siblings from the previous breeding and that added knowledge allowed us to know when to push and when to be patient in Hayden's development.  Is this the dog you have been dreaming about?  Give us a call now and let us discuss your needs.  We know this dog and we know what type of home she will thrive in. Ask for David 502-542-9747

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Watch Her Grow Up! Training Videos

This is where you can see all the cool aspects of Hayden's development in action.  Early puppy training, lots of social skills, home life with cats & kids, hiking, biking, professional obedience and protection training.  She's seen and done it all and the cameraman was along for the ride.  The Proof is in the VIDEO!  LOL  Enjoy.