1. Ignatius von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 02/01/2017
  3. $18,500.00
  4. Headed out of the country. Perfect match! #Oceanlife
  5. Heart! Soul! Power!

    The heart of a champion, the soul of a guardian and the power of a warrior.  This mid-sized, tight coated black German Shepherd with his unique chest blaze is simply a cool, cool dog.  He fills many roles in life and is capable of adapting his style to lots of lifestyles.  He is very, very happy on the go and being active.  Playing ball, hiking, biking, swimming are all right up his alley.  He has wonderful, user friendly obedience and great manners in public so taking him out and about is a breeze. 


But, thanks to his extensive upbringing, early training and obedience he is equally content to lay about and watch old movies if that is what you prefer to do with your day.  Whatever your lifestyle there are some things you can be sure about with Nate around.  One is that you'll never be bored or alone because he is a happy dog that wants to be a part of your life and another is that you will not have to worry about bumps in the night.  That is Nate's job and he takes that task very seriously.   His medium size is a big plus as he moves about your day and absolutely no minus when it come to his protective ability.  Nate laughs in the face of danger and simply has a heart of a lion when it come to protecting his family.  Give Nate a chance and give us a call to discuss your needs and to see if this is indeed the right dog for you.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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