1. Jailer von Prufenpuden
  2. 03/14/2017
  3. 90.0
  4. $120,000.00
  5. Once In A Life Time Super Dogs Sell Quick
  6. There Is The Best & There Is The BEST of the BEST

    Simply said this one (Jailer von Prufenpuden) has had the best of everything and fully displays in action the rare qualities of a champion.   Jailer has the best genetics and in this type of work "Genetics Really Matters".  He had the best puppy life and the best foster family that love, dedication and money can buy.  Top all that off with focused, concentrated professional training by a full team of dedicated Master Trainers with the experience to bring out the best in this amazing animal.  Experience Really Does Matter!

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A once in a lifetime type of dog, Jailer von Prufenpuden, represents decades of breeding and preparations to prepare us to take this type of puppy and mold him into the super dog that he is today.  Our breeding program, foster care program and training programs are on fully display in this dog.  He truly is "THE PROOF IN THE PUDDING" and we have left no stone unturned in his development.  Beautiful inside and out? Check! Happy, Fun, Friendly?  Check!  Great with children and other pets?  Check!  Fun Tricks?  Check!  Powerful, Man Stopper Ability Yet Safe?  Double Check!!!  He is all that and everything else you can dream about in a fully trained and developed personal protection dog designed and custom built for the family that can appreciate the love and dedication it takes to prepare such a rare jewel for sale.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris if you are that rare individual that can see and appreciate true craftsmanship on full display.  502-542-9747 and lets see if this dog is the one for you and your family. 

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Sales Brochure For Jailer "Watch Him Grow Up"

Current Action Video Of Jailer

AND....if that wasn't enough you can follow this link to his MASSIVE playlist of videos showing two full years of his development and training.  This is something NO OTHER company can offer you.  Peace of mind knowing EXACTLY how this dog was bred, raised and trained for his entire life.  This is the PROOF IN THE PUDDING that everyone deserves, but rarely gets.  Enjoy watching mastery of craft in action. 

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