1. Xandu von Prufepuden
  2. 07/26/2018
  3. 75.0
  4. $48,500.00
  5. "LOOK" Stunning Good Looks/Happy Fun Family Dog "LOOK"
  6. Family Friendly Fun Companion Powerful Protection

    Bred, raised and trained to be a personal companion.  Fun, happy and willing to please by nature. Obedient and protective by breeding and early training specifically designed to suit your needs.  Xandu has been in a family with children, other pets and farm animals since he was weaned.  To say he has had a busy puppy-hood would be an understatement.  He has been on the go and it shows in his wonderful development and training videos.

Our world famous "Puppy Raiser Program" has not failed Xandu.  A loving home life and professional training by the best in the industry have combined to produce yet another super Prufenpuden German Shepherd suitable for just about any home/family life.  Check out his videos and see for yourself how busy Xandu has been and what a good student he has been. 

Available as is or he can be purchased now, lock in his price and let us delve deep into full customization of his training for your specific needs.  $2,500/month for BAB training or you can dive deep and let us run with Super Dog training for $3000/month.  He is ready to run with the big dogs or just lay at your feet and enjoy life being your constant companion.  Your call.  Your next call?  502-542-9747 and talk with Master Trainer David Harris to see if Xandu is the right dog for you, your lifestyle and family needs.  We are standing by.  What are you waiting for???? This dog is the real deal and will only get better with age.

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Early training, family raised, it all matters.  Watch these videos and SEE how we do it.  The proof is in the Pudding and we have the video to show, not talk about, the great development and training of Xandu.

Most recent video 1/9/2020: Beautiful Xandu

Now watch them all and understand hundreds of hours of love and dedication go into this type of development.  You get what you pay for and this one is worth every penny and more.