1. Irma von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/01/2017
  3. 63.0
  4. $45,500.00
  5. Viral Video Super Star Is Now A Californian!

    Outstanding genetics, amazing early training and development, professional training by the best of the best have all afforded Irma the opportunity to be all that she could be and that my friends is something special.  She was when we made a simple puppy video of her and it went mega viral. People saw then what is obvious now, Irma is a special dog with the power to protect her family with love and loyalty. 

    Viral Video Puppy History

She is a kind and patient dog with a lot of life experience.  She grew up in a home full of love, kids, cats, horses and chaos on occasions. Swimming, biking, hiking, trail riding, ball play are just some of the fun activities she enjoys and you will too with a turn key dog that is just waiting to give back all the love and dedication you have to offer her.  She gives her best and will never let you down.  Is this the right dog for you?  Let's find out.  Call Master Trainer David Harris @ 502-542-9747 and strike up a conversation about Irma. 

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Video Video Video

Sit back and relax.  Irma has a LOT of video, but it is really important to know how a dog was raised and trained.  Other companies TALK about their dogs. We, other the other hand just "SHOW" you how the was trained and how they perform.  The "Proofs In The Pudding" 

Most Recent Video: Obedience/Agility/Tricks

Powerful Protection Work: Super Dog Performance

Want to see them all?  Here ya go.  Development & Training Video Playlist