1. Ivory von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/01/2017
  3. 60.0
  4. $42,500.00
  5. Lovely Home Companion Dog With Protection On Her Mind
  6. OMG Can She "Really" Be This Pretty & Still Work?

    Why yes she can and the proof is in the two years of amazing development video we have to show you.  Kids, play, fun, obedience, agility and protection video for days and days.  The proof is in the development and Ivory has it all.  What a cool, happy, loving dog with a super confident, willing attitude just waiting for the right family to love and protect.

She really has lived a charmed life and it all started with great genetics, super early training and a great family life where she was loved, but expected to behave, do her lessons and be a contributing member of the family.  Her foster family homeschool three lively children and Ivory loved ever second of that part of her life and like all kids is now grown up and ready to leave home for her next adventure.  Is your home the right place for her?  Give us a call now and lets discuss your needs, experience and expectations.  We know Ivory.  Now we need to know about you.  Call NOW.  David Harris 502-542-9747

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Watch Amazing Video's Below

Plenty of companies like to smoke and mirror their dogs development.  "Oh he came from famous bloodlines", "Great Sport Dog", "Amazing" and only a few poorly made videos of the dog to show what is really going on.  At PDS we LOVE to show off the development and training of the dogs we breed, raise and train ourselves.  No need to ask.  Just watch and learn.

Most recent Ivory Video:  Powerhouse Protection

Turn Key Obedience/Tricks/Protection

Power House Protection:  Powerful/Fearless/Controlled

Want more??  Check out her entire two year playlist of videos.  PLAYLIST