1. Lacey von Prufenpuden CGCA/U
  2. 05/15/2017
  3. 63.0
  4. $34,500.00
  5. You missed out on a great one. Contact me for assistance..
  6. Bold Beautiful Brave

    What happens when you have good genetics, excellent early training, wonderful life experiences and a team of professional trainers guiding every aspect of a dogs development?  Good things happen.  Lacey happens.  Lacey has all the traits most people associate with a German Shepherd, but rarely get.  She is calm, sweet, confident with a bold, forward moving attitude that is sure to please.

Raised on a horse farm, she is excellent around livestock and pets of all types.  She loves to swim, retrieve, hike, bike and never misses an opportunity to lay around and watch old movies.  A calm, confident, willing to please dog that is fearless and brave in the face of danger.  This girl will keep you happy, entertained and safe.  Be sure to watch her extensive video development library.  We preach proof "The Proof Is In The Pudding" and our proof is in two years of development videos that no other company has. Learn more with a quick call to discuss your needs with Master Trainer David Harris.  502-542-9747

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Super Training Video Here

We love proving the pudding and video is our way of showing, not talking about what our dogs can do. 

Most Current Obedience Video (Sept 2019)

Most Current Protection Video (Sept 2019)

Click >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<< For her full playlist of development videos from 9 Wks to 2 Years of age.  The Proof is in the Pudding!!!