1. Nemo von Prufen
  2. 10/31/2019
  3. 13.0
  4. $5,500.00
  5. Searching For Something Special? We have more.
  6. Your Search Is Over!!

    OPPS!  You missed out on this guy, but we have more.  Call NOW!

    The dream of a super trained, home raise, professionally trained Belgian Malinois is obtainable.  Look no further.  We have put three decades of experience to work for you.  Everything has been planned and excecuted to the tee in the breeding and development of this puppy.  Experience matters and we have the experience to produce an amazing dog and an amazing experience for you.

Nemo is a dream puppy.  Now let us finish what we started and pay by the month for his continue development and training in our B.A.B. or Super Dog system.  You choose what is most important to you, we guide the process, do the work and you can fix the budget within that framework.  Minimum six (6) month training contract required to take Nemo off the market and make him yours.  Pay his price now (before it goes up again) and monthly for his additional training going forward. BAB training is $2,500/month and Super Dog is $3,000.  We will happily discuss your needs and help you decide what program best suits your needs and budget.  Call now and ask for David to make the first step in your journey towards the dog of your dreams.  Master Trainer David Harris 502-542-9747 (hint: we stay very busy) Email and text for expidited service. 

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Watch Nemo Video Here

Experience?  Yes, and it matters.  Click HERE to watch video of Nemo's older brother (Quick von Prufen) One year of video. We can do it again.  This time with you as the lucky owner of this amazing dog in development. 

Now check out Nemo's early development.