1. Nikki von Prufenpuden
  2. 10/31/2019
  3. 30.0
  4. $9,500.00
  5. A "SUPER STAR" in the making. Watch her shine!!
  6. Incredible Opportunity

    Results matter.  Experience matters.  Proof matters.  Protection Dog Sales is in the business of raising the finest, home raised, professionally trained dogs in the world.  We have a 30 year track record and thousands of videos to show our work.  Now we have a great opportunity for you to cash in on our vast experience and let us develop and training a SUPER STAR puppy just for your needs.  The Super Dog Program is for Super Star Puppies and that is what Nikki is.

Now let us finish what we started and pay by the month for her continue development and training in our amazing system.  You choose what is most important to you, we guide the process, do the work and you can fix the budget within that framework.  Minimum six (6) month training contract required to take Nikki off the market and make her yours. Pay her price now (before it goes up again) and monthly for her additional training going forward. Super Dog Program is $3,000/Month & paid by the month, not in advance.  We will happily discuss your needs and help you decide what best suits your needs and budget.  Call now and ask for David to make the first step in your journey towards the dog of your dreams.  Master Trainer David Harris 502-542-9747 (hint: we stay very busy) Email and text for expedited service.  dogmailcsu@aol.com 

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Watch Amazing Video Here

Experience?  Yes, and it matters.  Click HERE to watch video of Nikki's older brother (Quick von Prufen) One full year of development video. We can do it again.  This time with you as the lucky owner of this amazing dog in development. 

Now watch Nikki's amazing start in our program.