1. Gunny von Prufenpuden
  2. 05/10/2019
  3. 65.0
  4. $30,000.00
  5. Unlimited Potential In This Beautiful Boy
  6. Lock This One Down Now! Make Payments!

    Up, up, up this guy will climb in skill, value and price.  You have a chance now to lock it down, buy him now and simply pay us by the month to develop the dog of your dreams.  Or......you can sit and watch his price climb as demand verse supply far out pace our ability to develop dogs of this quality.  $3,000/month for additional Super Dog Training & Development. MINIMUM contract of six (6) months of additional training.  Fully customized to fit your needs.  Cats, horses, small children?  We can make sure that Gunny is prepared for whatever is coming his way.

Super genetics, amazing early development and training.  This guy has everything going for him and his potential is unlimited.  Fun, happy, kind and his powerful natural protective instincts are just a part of his amazing value.  We have raised and delivered super Dobermans all over the world.  Why shouldn't you be next to take advantage of our amazing, "Proof In The Pudding" track record of success?  Call now and talk with David and let's see if this beautiful boy is the right dog for you, your timeline, your budget and your lifestyle.  502-542-9747 and ask for David.  Texting is always a good choice to get our attention.  We stay busy.  Make some noise to get our attention.

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Gunny Development & Training Video Here

Watch some of our specialty video to understand what we do and why it is so special.

Puppy Raiser Program

How we raise them. 

Bonding With Your New Dog

Now watch some video of Gunny's Early Development

Don't wait for more PROOF of excellence because with that new video will come a price increase.  Dogs like this do not just happen.  They are planned, bred, loved, trained and developed with painstaking precision and attention to details.  We are the best of the best and it shows.  Call NOW or you will miss out.