1. Angel von Prufenpuden UCGC
  2. 05/17/2016
  3. 60.0
  4. $67,500.00
  5. Super Star Please Check Out Her Amazing Videos
  6. World Class Home/Travel Companion?

    Whether you are at home or on the go, Angel is at your side and always has your back.  She is a fun, happy, companion that loves to be with the ones she loves.  She has super public & travel manners, super home manners, rock star obedience and tricks for days. Top that all off with the maturity and experience to make her a pure pleasure to live with and this girl offers it all in one very pleasing package. 

?Experience really does matter and this beautiful animal has the early training, development and life experiences to truly be that once in a lifetime dog you have always dreamed of.  Watch her extensive video library to get a feel for the love and dedication that goes into the development of a super star like Angel.  Life skills are impressive and her ability to learn new stuff quickly, adapt to new circumstances happily and bond deeply are all part of what make her such a special dog.  Call me quick and lets discuss your needs and we will quickly see if Angel fills the bill for you.  David Harris 502-542-9747  HINT: Texting will get my attention quick. PS: She loves kids!!  And Swims/Dock Dives with the best of them. 

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Watch Her Shine! Great Video Here


We love to make video documenting the early development and training of our dogs.  All companies should do this, but most do not have a clue what their dogs are really like since they did not raise them.  We breed, raise and train our own dogs and the proof is in the videos.  Enjoy her extensive playlist.

Most Recent Obedience Video

Testing Under Chaos Conditions

Trail Riding Prep Work

Click "HERE" For Her Full "Life List Of Videos"