1. Sturgill von Prufen
  2. 02/15/2020
  3. 14.0
  4. $7,500.00
  5. THEY SELL FAST!! Good News. We have more. Listing Soon.
  6. Dreams Come True (SOLD W/Additional Training)

    If you act fast!!! 

    But, they take time, work, dedication to craft and experience.  Sturgill is the result of a lot of all that an more. Love of the breed and a willingness to invest heavily in time and the money necessary to get this type of quality puppy to work with.  Sturgill is the result of a lot of all that and it shows in his bearing, temperment and willingness to work.

He has that great balance of drive for work and sweetness of temperament that defines the best ones.  And we know what the best ones look like.  Dive into our extensive video library of trained Dobermans and you'll soon see that talk is cheap and the PROOF IS IN THE VIDEO.  Thousands of videos of us developing young dogs like Sturgill from babies to superstars.  Sturgill is for sale into our BAB program only. Learn more about the BAB program here: BAB DOG PROGRAM  Lock in his price now and pay by the month for his additional training.  Minimum contract of six (6) Months @ $2,500/month paid by the month.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris 502-542-9747 for additional details or questions.  Call now.  Seger, his brother sold FAST and Strugill will too. 

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