1. Jalapeno Von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/04/2019
  3. 60.0
  4. $55,000.00
  5. Way Way Sweet, But Brings The Heat!!
  6. HERE HE IS!!!  Smoking HOT!!

    Jalapeno is the real deal! He was bred, raised and trained by Protection Dog Sales amazing network of foster homes and Master Trainers. The best of the best only work with the best and Jalapeno von Prufenpuden is a dog that stands out from a litter packed FULL of super dogs. We knew that at 12 Wks of age while watching him blaze the agility course this boy was special. Watch his development videos and hear me talking about hm way back when.

    NOTE: He is for sell with additional training only. Four (4) Months Minimum.

But, I had a lot of information to go on.  His mother is a super dog and we raised and trained her along with all of her siblings.  The genetic history and our experience with this bloodline is why we are able to pick the best early and develop them to their full potential.  Experience Really Does Matter.  

Jalapeno is everything we look for in a Giant Schnauzer.  Beautiful, regal, powerful and obedient, but with a happy, fun and sometimes goofy side we love so much in this breed.  He is a natural protector with the mental and physical toughness to back up his intentions to keep her family safe.  We love him and you will too.  Call now. Dogs like this sell quickly.  Ask for David 502-542-9747 (Texting is a great way to get our attention)

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