1. Lyric von Prufen
  2. 10/04/2017
  3. 74.4
  4. $35,000.00
  5. Opps. To Late, but we have more. Call now and ask.
  6. Experience Home & Travel Companion

    Documented! There are over twenty videos of Lyric from a wee puppy to recent times showing her amazing development and training @ Protection Dog Sales.  We have left no stone unturned in her development.  Kids? Check. Travel?  You bet, she loves it.  Swimming?  Oh yes, like a fish!  On top of all the extra's we have built super manners and a sweet, willing nature.  Be sure to watch her video playlist and listen to us talk about her as she grows up.

Lyric is sure to please most anyones needs for companionship, loyalty and a fun, happy, willing protector.  We know her well though years of training and development.  Watch her development videos and then give us a call to see if she might be the perfect match for your needs.  Ask for David Harris and you will soon be on the way to learning more about this fine, home raised personal protection dog.  502-542-9747

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