1. Palmer von Prufenpuden
  2. 10/13/2017
  3. 75.0
  4. $70,000.00
  5. Super Cool Dog With All The Right Stuff
  6. Super Sweet Kind & Powerful

    Palmer is a once and a lifetime kind of dog.  He is that amazing combination of fun, happy, obedient, trick trained super dog that is also safe, powerful and protective.  He loves, loves, loves to work and go places, but is also equally happy to sit by your side and watch old movies for days.  Working or chilling he is ever vigilant and keeping his family safe is always on his mind. 

Palmer has LIFESKILLS and it shows in his video playlist.  Be sure to watch his development from puppyhood to now.  Protection Dog Sale is the World Leader in the development of HOME RAISED personal protection dogs for the family.  Hiking, biking, boating or just chilling this dog is happy to be along for the journey.  Great with kids and other pets like almost all PDS dogs are.  Call Now and ask for Master Trainer David Harris and lets see if this is the right dog to serve you needs.  We now because we know our dogs. 502-542-9747 (Hint: Texting is a great way to get our attention)  We are BUSY!!!! 

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Click Here to Watch Me Grow! Training Video

Amazing dogs have amazing videos and Palmer is in the amazing business.  A home raised beauty inside and out.  Enjoy seeing hundreds of hours of work in action. We checked all the boxes with this boy.