1. Yainey von Prufenpuden
  2. 09/07/2018
  3. 70.0
  4. $90,000.00
  5. Yes. Yes, this dog has it all. BRAINS & BEAUTY
  6. Executive Level Family Superstar!

    I literally hate the term Executive level, but if there ever was a dog that such a term would apply to it is Yainey von Prufenpuden.  There really are no other words to describe a dog that has had so much time, love, talent and dedication poured into over a two year period of time.  From her early foster home to the multiple Master Level Trainers involved in her development, she is a masterpiece of breeding, upbringing, training and proofing.  Yainey is what we aspire to and she truly is the gold standard of what a personal protection dog should be, but often fall short of.

AND.......She is beautiful, cleaver, sweet and kind.  She has tricks for days and loves to show off for friends, family or anyone that will stand still long enough to admire a well trained dog.  She is perfect in public and is happy to go where you want.  Her travel skills are exceptional and her kid babysitting skills are simply unparalleled in a dog with the ability to take a bad guy out of the picture with ease.  She really does have it all except for one thing and that is a family of her own to love and protect.  Can you be that forever home for a super bred, raised and trained beauty?  Give me a call and lets start the interview process.  Yainey is one of the best and she deserves the best, so I will be checking your references :)  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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