1. Zest von Prufenpuden
  2. 10/17/2018
  3. 67.0
  4. $40,000.00
  5. Zest For Life! Fun Girl Happy Dog
  6. Powerful Athlete Fun Dog

    She is wonderfully named because she really does have a Zest for life and even better she brings zest into the lives of those lucky enough to be in her inner circle.  Zest has had a great puppy life with much love and guidance to help her grow into the confident, strong dog that she is today.  Loving, fun, happy and a powerful working dog with an easy going nature.  She brings it all to the table.

Her travel and experience will serve her and you well going forward.  She bonds quickly to new people and has the confidence and courage to take on any new situation with ease.  Wonderful on or about the farm she is good with livestock and other animals.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris to discuss your needs and lets see if this young girl is the right fit for your family.  502-542-9747 and Texting is an acceptable way to get his attention. 

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