1. Xenia von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/25/2018
  3. 69.0
  4. $68,500.00
  5. Red Sable Super Star! Amazing Young Girl
  6. Flower Child Powerhouse Protection Dog

    Protection Dog Sales is the World Leader in the development of Home Raised Personal Protection Dogs For Families and Xenia is the goal when we start a new puppy into the program. Xenia was raised on an active farm with disapline and love that provided her that stable platform needed to get the most out of our program. She has stunning good looks, fun tricks and loves, loves loves to be part of a family.  A great travel companion and a very powerful protector are all wrapped up in this beautiful, mid-sized German Shepherd.

Biking, hiking, swimming, playing with the kids is all on the top of Xenia's "To Do" list.  She loves to go, but is equally happy to hang out and watch old movies.  Excellent with other pets, she grew up in a very busy, animal freindly, kid friendly home.  She has travel extensively and had a LOT of life experiences.  Be sure to watch her grow up in our videos of her over the past two years.  The Proof is indeed in the Pudding and we have cooked up a great dog for you to consider.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris now at 502-542-9747 for full details on this beautiful dog. 

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Watch Me Grow Here is Video!!!

Super stars have super star playlist and Xenia has a great list of videos for you to watch.  See her grow up and know that we have left no stone untruned in her development.