1. Nikita Von Prufen
  2. 03/08/2019
  3. 65.0
  4. $45,000.00
  5. Beautiful Girl! Big Heart!
  6. Beautiful Body Beautiful Heart!

    What do you expect from a German Shepherd?  Willingness to please? Check.  Happy attitude?  Check. Obedience and Agility?  Check.  This young, professional trained GSD has exceptional skills and a very pleasing attitude.  She is a joy to live with and she loves her family and friends deeply.  Be sure to watch her video playlist to get a great feel for her skills and her personality.

Nikita is AKC registered, has a wonderful pedigree and is fully health tested including hip x-rays.  She is spayed and ready for your home.  She has extensive travel experience and integrates wonderfully into new lifestyles.  She has a keen mind, learns and adapts quickly.  She is a fun, happy dog and would make a wonderful addition to most any home.  We think she is close to perfect.  But, the question is whether or not she is the perfect dog for you.  Call or contact Senior Master Trainer David Harris to get on the path to answering that question.  502-542-9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Don't delay.  Dogs like Nikita sell quickly.  (HINT) Texting is the fastest way to get someones attention.  We are very busy.  Make some noise. 

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Here is Where you Watch Me Grow!

A dozen great videos showing Nikita's professional training and development from 14 Wks to just under 2 Years of age.  Home raised and professionally trained.  It's good stuff! 

Watch Nikita Grow from a Puppy Here.

Horse and Dog Getting Along Famous