1. Beau von Prufen
  2. 06/13/2020
  3. 50.0
  4. $115,000.00
  5. You Missed Out! Next Litter Due Fall 2022

    Here it is.  The one you have been waiting for.  And I do mean the one.  There are no more Airedales like Beau in development at this time.  Our next litter isn't even in the works yet and it takes over a year to develop and train a super dog like Beau.  So, act fast or miss out. Text DAVID @ 502-542-9747 and inquire about Beau now.

    Calm, confident, cuddly and sweet Beau is everything we were hoping for when we started developing Airedales at Protection Dog Sales. Learn more about Airedales by clicking here. Beau is a super fun, home raised, naturally protective dog with great genetics, superior early development and training, boosted by full time professional training and guidance from an early age.  When you watch his development videos and see the end product you cannot help but understand the love and dedication put into developing this wonderful animal.


Beau is beautiful on the outside, but more importantly he is beautiful on the inside as well.  He has the temperment and life experiences to do well in most any situation and is just a fun, fun, fun dog to be around.  Friendly and social with other pets, happy and sweet with children, he really is an exceptional animal.  Be sure to watch his extensive playlist of videos to get a better feel for the nature of the this super dog, the love and dedication to detail and the athletic ability of this wonderful animal.  Contact Master Trainer and CEO of Protection Dog Sales to learn more about this amazing dog and discuss if he is the right dog for your lifestyle and situation.  Text 502-542-9747 for fastest response time or email dogmailcsu@aol.com for general inquires. 

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There is no better way to understand a dog than to have the opportunity to watch him grow up.  A Protection Dog Sales we understand that and endeavor to document the development of our dogs from early on.  Click the links below and learn more about the love and dedication put into developing an Elite Super Dog like Beau.