1. Daisy von Prufen
  2. 06/13/2020
  3. 45.0
  4. $85,000.00
  5. Incredible Temperment Fun Happy Personal Protection Dog For Sale
  6. Unique Rare Special

    Here is a rare opportunity to buy something unique and special.  Airedales are well known for their natural abilities as family guardians, but rarely if ever are they available to purchase as fully trained, young adult, naturally protective dogs raised in homes for families.  Protection Dog Sales is the world leader in the development of "Home Raised" personal protection dogs and we have now turned our attention to this amazing breed.

Daisy is a joy to live with and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  A wonderful companion, fun, happy and willing to please.  Sweet, sweet, sweet, but quick to let you know if there are any bumps in the night that you should be aware of.  She is awesome as a travel companion, loves to get out and about, fun to play with or just to for long walks and relax.  A true, natural companion dog with heart and an old soul. Everyone here loves Daisy and I know you will too.

Let's figure out if a dog like Daisy is the dog you have been looking for.  Contact Master Trainer and CEO of Protection Dog Sales to learn more about this amazing dog and discuss if she is the right dog for your lifestyle and situation.  Text 502-542-9747 for fastest response time or email dogmailcsu@aol.com for general inquires. 


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Amazing Video Documentation

Incredible video of Daisy thoughout her young life.  Dogs like Daisy do not just happen.  They are created by starting with superior genetics, early puppy life, great early training and development coupled with solid professional training in obedience/agility and home protection work.  Raised to be a family dog and documented all the way.  Enjoy.