1. Twisty von Prufenpuden
  2. 05/31/2020
  3. 55.0
  4. $150,000.00

    Twisty is all that and more, but we believe that the "Proof is in the Pudding" so I would like to show you a playlist of a Doberman in development for over a year and checking off all the boxes just like you were directing her development over the last year.  The first video is of her at 8 Wks of age and the last at one year of age.  Over twenty videos, most never before seen by the public, and showing, not talking about, but showing what it takes to raise a dog that can easily check off your wish list and throw a lot more into the mix.  Sweet, beautiful, superior genetics, fun, happy, confident, super talented in the trick department and just a kind animal that we have left no stone upturned in the development of.  If you want a dog that will make you laugh out loud every day then this is your dog.  Snuggle?  Oh yes, nothing makes her happier.  Travel?  Always ready to go by land, sea or air or she is equally happy to lay about and watch old movies for days.  She is not needy or demanding.  She just wants you to be happy and she is very good at getting what she wants.

And with all that sweetness one might be led to believe she isn't protective, but that would be erroneous.  She is powerful, confident, safe and more than capable of keeping her family protected if the need should arise.  She is wonderful with children and small dogs and those little children out and about in public will want to pet her and she is 100% ok with that if you are.


We wish I had a lot more like her, but she is just that special.  If you were to ask about our favorite dog.  There is no doubt that Twisty is our favorite Doberman in development. 


We have a lot to talk about with Twisty, so give Senior Master Trainer David Harris a call now and discuss your needs and wants.  He has the experience to know and trust us EXPERIENCE MATTERS when it comes to matching the right dog to the right family.  Call 502-542-9747 or Email dogmailcsu@aol.com  (Hint) Texting is the fastest way to get his attention.  We are really, really busy.  So get his attention before this amazing dog is gone. 

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Watch Twisty Grow Here

The best dogs have the most videos and this is one of the best of the best.  Watch her grow up under the amazing trainers at Protection dog sales.  No stone has been left unturned in her almost two years of development and it shows in the work.