1. Kraken von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/18/2019
  3. 67.0
  4. $105,000.00
  5. Ready To Be Released!
  6. YES! YES! It's Time To Release The Kraken

    We have thoughly enjoy raising and training this wonderful dog with such an amazing, fun name, but it's now time for Kraken to go out into the world and bring the same joy and fun to others lives as he has ours.  No only have we enjoyed breeding, raising and training this beautiful boy, but we have been very, very diligent to document that along the way.  His amazing video play list shows, doesn't talk about, but rather shows the love, time, dedication and craft we have when it comes to raising one of the best of the best.  And Kraken is all that and more.

Other companies love to talk about their wonderful dogs.  We prefer to show, hince the name, Prufenpuden (The Proof is in the Pudding) and with Kraken the pudding is very, very good.  He is an amazing dog with love, kindness, cleaverness and joy to give to everyone inside his circle.   He is equally capable of putting the bad guys back on their heels and looking for the door. Hopefully you'll never have to "Release The Kraken" but if you do this boy knows how to play his part.  Family Friendly Bad Boy!  Kraken is an amazing dog, but each dog has their own set of strengths and weaknesses that can make them perfect for your lifestyle or not such a good fit.  We have made amazing educational video on this process and if you haven't seen that yet, take some time and check it out now.  "HOW TO BUY A PPD"   Then when you are ready call and talk with Master Trainer David Harris to get the full details on this boy and see if he might be the right one for you.  502-542-9747 (Texting is always a good way to get our attention)

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The "Proof" is in the videos!

How do you learn about a SUPER DOG?  Watch him grow up.  Other compaines talk about their dogs but only Protection Dog Sales SHOWS you the development of their dogs from puppy to current.  27 videos from 10 Wks to 2 Yrs takes dedication and time.  Something not all companies have.  There is nothing quick about raising a dog like Kraken.  But, nothing worth doing is easy and Kraken was worth the work.  Check him out.