1. Kleo von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/17/2019
  3. 60.0
  4. $65,000.00
  5. She wears her heart on her paw. Love Bug!
  6. Calm, Confident & Compliant

    This beautiful girl is well bred, happy, calm, confident and ready to come to your home and provide companionship, fun activities and a very natural layer of protection.  All this wrapped up in a beautiful body and brain.  Wonderfully riased, we have left no stone unturned in the development of a dog of your dreams.  She is all that an more.  Kleo is never far away and has that attentive nature that is common int the breed and has been fostered by our early training and attention to charter development.

Hiking, biking, camping and travel are easy peasy with Miss Kleo.  She is a fun travel companion and joy to be around.

Great with other pets, children and the elderly. This is a dog bred, raised and trained to deliver joy.

Contact Senior Master Trainer David Harris and do it quick if you are looking for the perfect dog for you and your family.  David can help you figure out if Ipsy is that dog or not.  Do not delay.  She will quick!  502-542-9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Text for fastest response time. 

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Watch all my videos here.

A dozen great videos showing Kleo's professional training and development.  Home raised and professionally trained.  It's good stuff!