1. Pappy von Prufenpuden
  2. 03/06/2020
  3. 75.0
  4. $145,000.00
  5. A Rare Find & One Of A Kind "Super Smooth"
  6. Destined For Greatness!

    Named for the rare whiskey make here in Kentucky (Pappy van Winkle) our Pappy von Prufenpuden has been destined to great things from the very start.  Amazing genetics, early development and training and solid work by Master Trainer Larry Hanna have all combined in this beautiful soul of a dog named Pappy.  And Pappy has never let us down.  From his early, early training we could see the makings of a super star.  We love to show our work and it's on display with this wonderful boy.

Amazingly athletic, super structure and type.  Pappy simply LOVES loves agility, hiking, biking, swimming and more.  He is just fun, fun, fun. Simply a blast to be around and it's just an added bonus that he such a safe and powerful dog with a full package of obedience, house manners and tricks that is rare in such a large, powerful dog. Be sure to check out his full PLAYLIST of videos that will show, the proof in the pudding.  It's starts early and shows what he has been up to this last two years. No other company offers such a comprehensive display of documentation as PDS. Call now and talk with Master Trainer David Harris to get the full details on the boy and see if he might be the right one for you.  502-542-9747 (Texting is always a good way to get our attention)

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