1. Rhino von Prufenpuden CD
  2. 04/08/2020
  3. 79.6
  4. $145,000.00
  5. Amazing Heart & Soul Sweet & Powerful "WOW"
  6. He's "NO" Rhino In A China Shop

    This bold, beautiful, baby boy is a fun loving, happy, kind, willing to please dog with a big body and a big, happy personality.  Kind, willing to please and exceptionally trained all sum up this exceptional animal.  He is much loved by everyone on our staff and we are very excited to be offering such an exceptional dog for your consideration.  Over 30 exceptional videos documenting his development and training from 7 Wks up to last week.  No other company on the planet works hard to "SHOW" not to just talk about their dogs development.  We have done that with Rhino and we hope that you take the time to watch them.

Personally started in life by Master Trainer Larry Hanna, Rhino, just like his sisters and brothers we have offered for sale here is a wonderful, safe, travel companion with super solid travel skills and public access skills that will allow him to be with you as you go about your day.  A dog cannot protect you if they cannot be with you and Rhino's mission in life is to be with you.  And safe he can keep you.  Inside this beautiful body beats the heart of a Lion defending his Pride.  Be sure to watch his training videos.  You will not be disappointed in this dogs skills.  Contact Senior Master Trainer David Harris and do it quick if you are looking for the perfect dog for you and your family.  David can help you figure out if Rhino is that dog or not.  Do not delay.  He will sell quick!  502-542-9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Text for fastest response time. 

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